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Leading a high-performing team 

 Product Management is a tough gig. The business world moves at an accelerated pace and Product is a discipline requiring a broad diversity of skills. There's always so much to do, know, and develop. New software, project delays and headaches and the ongoing oh-so-delicate-dance of people management, means Product leaders have to be at the top of their game, every day. 

Developing your leadership skills is an ongoing discipline, not a one-off event. Your ability to manage, lead and inspire others is an ongoing process of learning and practice. The pace, the demands and the creative opportunities can cause Burnout which has a real productivity cost to the business. 

Luckily, you're not alone.  

The Product Leaders Collective is a membership program that will take you to the next level of product leadership through peer coaching, speaker events and workshops. 

This is all part of our ongoing commitment to advancing product management in this country. If our leaders are strong, confident and knowledgeable then our product community grows too. 

Who should join the Collective?

The Facilitator

Head of Product, Product Director or VP of Product at an established organisation

You're in a complex matrix structure helping your team manage mature products and trying to make decisions on products in high growth and decline while staying ahead of the trends and helping your teams to innovate. You have a known brand and the risks are higher. 
Success depends on alignment and stakeholder management and getting the best out of your team. 

The Unicorn

Leading Product in a start up or high growth company

You're the first Product person to join the company. You're building product and filling in the gaps from UX to QA.  You're looking at when and how to grow your product team and helping the business realise its strategic goals.  

You may be the only Product Leader in your organisation, but you don't have to navigate it alone. 

The Exec

CPO, CXO, Executive Director, General Manager

You're at the top of your industry. You're more removed from the day-to-day operations and focused on product strategy and team design. You've done a lot of training and there's not a lot in the landscape that's new. 
You're looking for inspiration and your next challenge but need to look beyond your own industry for creative ways to solve your challenges. 

 You are your biggest business asset.  

 You're only useful to your team when you're looking after your own self. Fit your own oxygen mask first.

How it works

Connect. Experience. Accelerate.

Connect with Product Leaders

Find creative solutions to your problems by working with other product leaders

We're better as a collective. We know you're busy. That's why we curate the right mix of people in your group. Rest assured that this is a safe, confidential, supportive environment of hand-picked leaders. So you can feel free to debrief, ask questions, seek insights and feedback. 

Exclusive access

Cutting-edge learning with the best in the business

As-you-need-it access to cutting-edge insights, behind the scenes case studies and brain-picking opportunities from a diverse curated group of globally recognised industry leaders. Press pause on your day-to-day demands to accelerate your skills, abilities and experiences. 

Keep your leadership skills current

Fill in the knowledge gaps so you can confidently lead your teams

In this fast-paced environment, you're never too old nor too senior to learn more. We give you the safe space to ask questions, experiment with new concepts and practice leadership with colleagues.  

Look after your team

Let's not forget why we're here

We're building ourselves up so that we can lead our teams to help our business meet their strategic goals. As part of the Collective, you'll get discounts to Leading The Product tickets for you and your team and Brainmates Product Management training. 

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